Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How to make an error message when the computer starts

Did you know that you can Make an error message, Such as the error message in windows XP In different forms and any words you want to write in this error message, Well let's start working!

First open the Notepad:

1 - Click on Start
2 - Click on Run

3 - then type this command :


4 - Then click on OK.

5 – Type this text:

msgbox "type here the text",20, "type here title"

*Replace type here the text with the text of the message.
*Replace type here title with the title of the message.

Example: will write this message:
Be careful Tom! I am watching you, so be polite!

With this title:
A private message to Tom!
msgbox "Be careful Tom! I am watching you, so be polite!",20, "A private message to Tom!"

6 – Now:
File –> Save As…

7 – Save it as:

8 – Double Click on the Output file, The message will become like this:

9 - If you want to receive this message when the computer began to run directly, just go to this folder and 
paste the file (message.vbs) into it:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
* C:\  Is the disk where you installed the Windows XP.

Tip: To get a various forms of messages replaced the value 20 in one of the following values:





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